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NFT artist


Deepu Joseph

Predominantly works in the advertisement and movie industry including India’s official entry for the 93rd Academy Awards, “Jalikettu”. His filmography includes Ee.Ma.Yau(Mal), Sufiyum Sujathayum(Mal), Djinn (Mal), Churuli (Mal).

IMDB Profile

Pramod Kumar

Who transforms an ordinary single line into an emotionally crafted art piece, who believe in "oneness" and who have the versatile experience to create Vedic/Tantric based Indian mythical paintings, fantasy-driven mat paintings for movies/commercials and at the same time cartoons/Game-arts for kids.


Ramesh Ravi

An artist, who can beautifully decode emotions of characters & terrains into various artforms what the medium demands. A passionate MFA rank holder, who play relaxing Indian "Karnatic flute" at intervals and create magic digitally & in physical forms of art.


Prince Joseph

A tech enthusiast, blockchain expert, and a serial entrepreneur. Managing director/CEO of the software company "Cynere" and partner of different cloud-based digital services.


Arun U

Experienced developer with a demonstrated history of working in the latest technology stack. CEO of Eguidancelabs, mentoring the next generation of software developers.


Ninu Kaliyath

Versatile experience from animation/gaming to installation/sculpture art exhibitions, she continues her journey through advertisements and new age artform applications, with her deep passion for human history and its Socionature impact.


S Ram

Coming from an animation background has worked in the advertising industry under various capacities such as Brand consultant, Campaign Director, Ad filmmaker, writer, music composer and lyricist. Associated with brands such as AMD, LG, Haier, Lenovo, Cult.fit